Henderson Creek Club

Membership Inquiries


Joyce Berkoski (President)

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Phone: 239-732-5847


Henderson Creek Club Fee Schedule:

1st  Key      $50.00

2nd  Key      $50.00

Lost  Key    $50.00


Boat Yard Key  $50.00

Lost  Boat Yard  Key $100.00


Back Ground and Credit Check $100.00

Tour  of Duty *(Active Members) *$50.00


Active Membership  $475.00

Exemption  to Tour of Duty  $50.00

Boat Yard  1-8 Months $100.00  -1 Year $150.00


Social Membership  $550.00

Boatyard  1-6 Months  $150.00

Boatyard   12 Months  $200.00


Rental  Fees  

Ed Wresneski
6 Creek Circle


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