** 2014 November Newsletter
Henderson Creek Club
** 18 Sonderhen Circle Naples, Fl. 34114 ------------------------------------------------------------ Visit Our Website HendersonCreek.com (http://hendersoncreek.com) ------------------------------------------------------------ President’s Message We are excited to have everyone returning to Southwest Florida’s paradise. We are presently working on our calendar of events for the season. Hope to see everyone using the club facilities. This November we will be sending out the dues notices via email and for those of you who do not have email, they will be sent in the mail. Please contact the board members if you do not receive a dues noticeand if you have changed your email. Please note the dues have increased this year. I want to thank our tireless board members and our hard working members who always give of themselves and their time. When we have our socials and dinners, please come and enjoy. They are a great way to meet your neighbors and fellow club members. Personally, I am proud to serve as president of such a hardworking and beautiful club. Over the past summer we have received many wonderful comments about what a wonderful little jewel of a club we have here. I look forward to a good time this season and wish to see you at the club. I hope to see the club grow in membership this year. Stay posted by the outside bulletin board as well as the inside board and we will also be posting our events on our website: hendersoncreek.com Once again welcome back. Joyce Berkoski. President ------------------------------------------------------------ 11-11-14 VETERANS DAY and the first board mtg of this year. The meeting started with a tribute to all VETERANS along with the reading of 16 HCC members who have served our country. Paul Ianotta played several military songs on his saxophone in honor of those who have and are currently serving. We thank you Paul. The following are the names read at the tribute: Don Beck-Coast Guard, Robert Berkowski- Army, William Beach-Marines, Paul Colvin-Army, Richard Eskridge-Army, William Harris-Navy, Frank Koehler-Army, Mickey Kyc-Army, Thomas Martin-Navy, Larry Messimore-Marines, Jake Miller-Army, Michael Quinn-Army, George Ranck-Army, Jack Redinbaugh-Army, Ron Ruble-Army, Pete Walkley-Marines, Roger Vodicka- Army Tour of Duty Committee Roseann says all is going well and all new members will be added to schedule. Please remember if you are unable to do Tour of Duty you will need to make a check out to HCC for 50.00 ------------------------------------------------ Buildings and Grounds Committee The entrance sign has been replaced and looks GREAT!!!! If you happen to notice the sign is not lit up at night it is because of the power outages due to the road construction. The insurance inspection went very well with NO recommendations made. YEAH!!! We seem to be invaded by “daddy long legged” spiders in the clubhouse. The building has been sprayed and bug bombs have been set but they keep coming back! We will continue to monitor. Many THANKS to all who helped over the summer to keep the Club looking good. Landscaping was maintained, water issue at the corner was fixed along with many other things. Again, THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED New pool heater has been installed. The solar heater motor died and Rosann Hogle donated a motor for replacement. Thanks Roseann ============================================================ Membership Committee Current membership is at 79 A ll members will be receiving an invoice this year for dues, boat yard, tour of duty along with an area for each member to please put their current contact info. Especially since much of the contact info is not up to date. We are encouraging all members to frequently check out the website. ** hendersoncreek.com (http:hendersoncreek.com) We are diligently trying to provide as much information as possible on the site. Tour of Duty, Calendar, membership fees and newsletters will be posted. The Board would like to ask for your patience as we diligently work to get the information out to all members. VERY IMPORTANT: Here are the instructions on how to add your email address to receive the email News Letter. ** Click Here (http://hendersoncreek.com) or go to the website and look to the right, then enter your email, first name, last name and click submit. Check your email for a conformation link and click it to complete the registration process. NOV 22, 2014 Work Day Party at Clubhouse 10 AM. Please come and help with cleaning, fixing and mingling with other members. Lunch will be provided NOV 29, 2014 Christmas Decorating Party at Clubhouse 1 PM. We would love to have everyone participate. Please bring a dish to share along with BYOB. Citizens insurance company is now displaying on their website a list of approved companies who are now providing insurance for mobile homes. Jorge Fuentes has donated a copy machine for the club. THANK YOU JORGE!!! The showers in the clubhouse have been turned on and are available for use as needed. Bill Harris has placed the past 6 months of Treasurer Reports on the bulletin board. If you are a boat yard user…..please keep vehicles on the blacktop. The septic system pipes are in the grass area and we need to be careful. Thanks If you know of anyone who would like to become a member or if you have friends who have boats and would like to use the boat yard……we encourage you to direct them to the website or call a Board member. A letter explaining club membership and asking for donations to maintain park entrance, trees, grass and sign will be taken to each home in the park for both members and non-members. We are hoping to generate the 1400.00 needed to trim 78 trees. Thank you in advance for any and all donations.

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